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Traditional training’s valuesSeventh training’s class signs apprenticeship contract at watchmaking school Alfred Helwig

On Friday, March 2nd, 2007 twelve future watchmakers and three tool makers signed their apprenticeship contract at the watch manufactory Glashütte Original. More than 220 candidates had applied for the 15 training vacancies at the company-owned watchmaking school “Alfred Helwig”.

Since the opening of the watchmaking school in 2001 the luxury watch manufacturer performs a great contribution to the watch-culture by training its own apprentices. Its responsibility for the watch maker’s off-spring is fulfilled by Glashütte Original in a very special – and unique in Germany – way: all graduates who finished their education with a final grade better that 2.0, are granted a job at the manufactory Glashütte Original or in one of the Swatch Group divisions.

The four master-teachers Uwe Bahr, Gunnar Müller, Thomas Goldbeck and Volker Struppe back on a practice orientated training. From their first day on August 13th, 2007 during their three respectively three and a half years training the apprentices are given besides loads of practise also insights in the philosophy of a luxury manufacturer of fine mechanical timepieces. According to the traditional training’s values the manufactory Glashütte Original encourages their protégées to be open for international work places.

For this purpose the company offers foreign language courses. To protect the continuance of the traditional watchmaker’s handcraft in Glashütte is declared aim of the watch manufactory Glashütte Original and the Swatch Group Ltd. – because the future of watchmaking lies in the double sense of meaning in the hands of the youth.