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THE KNIGHTS OF TIME - TAG Heuer new Advertising campain

TAG Heuer’s inspiring advertising campaign focuses on the personal journeys and achievements of four extraordinary individuals: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tiger Woods, Lewis Hamilton and Maria Sharapova. More than stars, these Knights of Time are conquerors of the 21st Century.

In a time of economic challenge, while other brands choose to stand back and cautiously focus on the short-term, TAG Heuer, the world leader in sports-inspired luxury watches and chronographs since 1860, is extending its bold vision of the avant-garde with a brand new, emotionally charged ad campaign that challenges the very rules of endorsement marketing.

The famous challenge of TAG Heuer, “What are you made of?”, is the common thread linking the past campaign to this daring new one. Now, however, the confrontational claim expresses the unique drive and passion of these super-achieving Knights of Time. Forget awards and trophies, what pushes these people to greatness are not recognition and laurels but something inside and unseen and deeply personal.

At certain times, it’s tangible. Think of Tiger Woods dropping a long putt, or Lewis Hamilton slicing out of the slipstream and accelerating through a curve. Think of the kinetic beauty of Maria Sharapova as she shifts direction in mid-stride and hits an impossible forehand out of her backhand corner. On the screen, it’s even more apparent. What an actor like Leonardo DiCaprio is made of is visible in every frame.

But it’s not just the clutch moment or the key scene. It’s not just the victories and celebrity status. It’s the entire arc of exceptional lives. Every dream. Every obstacle. Every sacrifice. To power past the mundane and the mediocre towards an ever-new conception of perfection, to overcome, reinvent, challenge, and evolve — these values, as much as the remarkable men and women who live by them, are the stars of TAG Heuer’s inspirational new campaign.

The sophisticated visuals were shot by master photographer Tom Munro, whose glamorous photos regularly appear on the covers of Italian Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Produced by CLM BBDO, the campaign will be launched worldwide in May.