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Cooperation with Swiss Center for Electronics and MicrotechnologyCSEM Validates ARMIN STROM Mirrored Force Resonance

Finding new solutions to old ideas and even new technical innovation is what drives the watch industry and continues to make it fresh and interesting. “At the moment we are working with CSEM to improve the resonance clutch spring of our Mirrored Force Resonance, to precisely evaluate how theory and reality can and have coincided,” explains Claude Greisler, director of ARMIN STROM.

The introduction of Mirrored Force Resonance in late autumn 2016 brought with it a lot of extreme reactions: admiration, astonishment, reverence, and in some cases even incredulity. “Watchmakers only believe what they see,” Greisler smiles, “but what if it’s impossible to see resonance without assistance?”

Working with CSEM has officially confirmed that ARMIN STROM’s Mirrored Force invention is in resonance. Like with all new inventions, however, the company’s own resonance clutch spring can certainly be optimized; one of the elements being worked on at the Neuchâtel-based R&D organization is the simulation of new designs and materials to understand what the different – and perhaps optimized – results of a new material or shape could bring to the invention. ARMIN STROM’s Mirrored Force Resonance enters the second phase of its exciting lifespan.

CSEM, the gold standard in Swiss research and technology

CSEM, Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique (“Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology”), is a research-and-technology institute established in 1984 that exists to cooperate with Swiss companies. “We are above all for the smaller companies here, not only for our large shareholders,” confirms Jens Krauss, vice-president of systems at CSEM. “We support small companies by putting our specialized tools, technologies, engineers, and even production services if needed or desired at their disposal.”

The organization pursues applied and industry-commissioned research and development, specializing in transfer of technology between pure science and industrial use. Rooted in horology, though no longer exclusively at home there, CSEM is a facilitator of deep science with a mission to develop technology, generate IP, and transfer that IP for industrial use. CSEM researches and studies leading-edge technologies, creates technology platforms, and matures technological and scientific research with limited risk to industry partners, thereby increasing their commercial possibilities.

“In the case of the Mirrored Force Resonance, ARMIN STROM came with the idea, the realization of that idea, watchmakers, and know-how that we do not have,” Krauss continues. “We have the engineering potential, equipment such as high-speed cameras and simulation software, physicists, and other R&D-based technology. We are very happy to be collaborating this way.”

Mirrored Force Resonance

Resonance is a sophisticated horological technique that has been applied to timepieces by only a few truly gifted watchmakers in the pursuit of both accuracy and stability. It is an unusual technical innovation that, even though rooted in hundreds of years of horological history, is still not often encountered. The advantages of resonance are threefold: a stabilizing effect on timekeeping, increasing accuracy; conservation of energy; and a reduction of negative effects on timekeeping accuracy due to outside shock to the balance staff (stable rate).

ARMIN STROM director Claude Greisler’s idea behind the Mirrored Force Resonance was to create an innovative way to improve an old concept, one that is horology’s reason for being: precision and timekeeping accuracy. ARMIN STROM’s Mirrored Force Resonance represents a new, better, and more interesting way to display an old idea.