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Showing Swissness is at the heart of Tissot's identity Tissot presents new advertising campaign

In an exciting new global campaign, Tissot is getting back to basic and keeping its message clear and simple. Its Swiss heritage is emphasised in the Tissot logo that includes the "+" sign. It is not only the same as in the Swiss flag, symbolising quality, tradition and reliability but also represents the qualities you will find in Tissot watches, thanks to the brand’s 160 years of expertise.

+New strong, impactful communication and sleek and modern visuals will prove Tissot, the legendary Swiss watch brand, is always innovating. An accessible brand must connect emotionally with its customers, and Tissot will do this by building straight to the point and instantly recognisable visuals that emphasise the strength of the brand. The millions of people who have bought a Tissot watch will identify with these images and be proud of their choice, demonstrating how Tissot really does provide affordable luxury.

While Swissness is at the heart of Tissot's identity, it is a feature shared with other watchmakers. However, Tissot is so much more than just Swiss made, the + in the Tissot logo is also used in its advertising campaign to show the multitude of different qualities in a Tissot watch. Tissot has worked relentlessly every single working day since 1853 and has gained in expertise every step of the way, whether creating traditional or technological watches. Throughout the years, Tissot has earned its title as multi-specialist.

Tissot invited world renowned photographers to capture the essence of their ambassadors who share the brand’s values. In Shanghai, the international prize winning Chen Man, brought out the best of actor Huang Xiaoming. Another photographer, who has worked for the best in the fashion world, Dusan Reljin, perfectly captured the essence of the beautiful race car driver Danica Patrick in Phoenix, Arizona, the International basketball player, Tony Parker, in San Antonio, Texas, and went all the way to Mumbai, India, for the stunning actress Deepika Padukone.