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Glashütte Original on Growth PathWatchmaker inaugurates new production facility in Glashütte

Under the motto „Glashütte Original on Growth Path“, the Saxon watchmaker invited media and business representatives along with partners and friends of the company to an official opening ceremony, held in the atrium of the Manufactory.

Glashütte Original’s two managing directors, Günter Wiegand and Yann Gamard, who is also a member of the extended executive management team of Swatch Group, informed the guests on hand of the most recent developments at the German luxury watchmaker and presented a positive outlook for the years ahead.

Given the very positive situation with regard to orders worldwide and the growing awareness and popularity of the brand in key markets such as China, North America and the Near East, Glashütte Original is systematically enhancing its production capacity, thereby laying the groundwork for continuing, long-lasting growth.

Official Inauguration at the Frühlingsweg site in Glashütte

Following the reception in the Manufactory, the new building in the Frühlingsweg, just a few minutes walk from the main building, was officially inaugurated.

Under sunny skies Yann Gamard, Günter Wiegand, UNION Managing Director Adrian Bosshard and Markus Dreßler, the Mayor of Glashütte, cut the ribbon and declared the production facility officially open.

Growing number of employees

The growing number of employees alone is enough to demonstrate that Glashütte Original finds itself on a path of continuous growth: at the end of 2010 there were a total of 321 employees working for the company; as of September 2012 the number has already risen to 440. Most of the new entries have joined the assembly and service areas of the company.

By the end of 2013 the Saxon enterprise plans to hire around 70 more employees, which will bring the number of Manufactory personnel to an expected 510 persons. With that, Glashütte Original will take its place as one of the largest employers and educators in Glashütte.

Increased support for young watchmakers and toolmakers

In order to assure a sufficient number of highly qualified skilled craftsmen and women in the future, the number of future watch- and toolmakers accepted for training each year has been increased. Until recently the Manufactory’s own Alfred Helwig School of Watchmaking took in 12 watchmakers and 3 toolmakers each year; since 2011 the number of future watchmakers has increased to 14 annually.

They are trained in the craft of watchmaking over the course of three years. On completion of their studies, those who achieve sufficiently high marks are offered a job with Glashütte Original.