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The new Logo

Swiss Watch ManufactureARMIN STROM has a new Logo

The Biel-based Watch Manufacture, ARMIN STROM, is introducing a new logo at the beginning of September. It clearly and unambiguously symbolizes the company’s new orientation established in 2009. Since moving to its new headquarters in 2009, ARMIN STROM calibres are being wholly produced, decorated, galvanised and subsequently assembled in-house.

In this way, ARMIN STROM is adhering 100% to the ‘Manufacture’ principle (own, in-house production), and consequently has since then been able to concentrate on watchmaking handcraft – reinforced with innovation and the highest precision. ARMIN STROM is therefore one of the few Swiss Manufactures operating independently of any major group.

Since 2009, ARMIN STROM has been under the management of Serge Michel and Claude Greisler. For them too, the watch movement is the focal point, and the arrangement of the dial rings often allows glimpses of the complicated mechanisms, which, in the case of these exclusive calibres, are finished down to the minutest detail.

But here too, the timeless, unpretentious finishing processes are evolving and becoming more modern and open to the world, a tendency reflected more closely by the new logo. This will be emphasized through the incorporation of the words “Swiss Watch Manufacture” – a tribute to the next step, which is to conquer the international markets.