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GAC Pindar Sailing TeamArmin Strom is increasing its involvement in racing sports

GAC Pindar is a partnership between the globally active GAC logistics and shipping company and the Extreme Sailing Team Pindar. Its home port is Southampton in England. The independent GAC Pindar Sailing Team has already ranked among the world leaders since 1980, and by supporting the team, Armin Strom is further strengthening its involvement in racing sports.

As with Formula 1, competing on the waves also demands innovation, perfection and precision on the part of the whole crew, qualities to be found in Armin Strom’s high-value timekeepers.

Attractive environment for Armin Strom

Each year, the best Extreme Sailing Teams compete against each other around the world. Apart from the Admiral’s Cup and the America’s Cup, these races are some of the most important events in the sailing calendar. The special feature of this power play on the seas is the proximity with the public. From stands on the shore, spectators can follow racing developments at close quarters. Tight curves, overtaking manoeuvres and perfectly coordinated sailing teams all contribute to the spectacle on the water.

Statement of Mr. Bill Hill, Group Vice President, GAC logistics:
"Today we welcome Armin Strom, a premium Swiss-based, international watch brand as a sponsor for the GAC Pindar Sailing Team. The sport of sailing is not only steeped in history but also incorporates the latest in technology which is reflected by GAC Pindar and our latest partner the incredible Armin Strom. With their meticulous attention to detail, the outstanding craftsmanship involved and water inspired trend setting design we couldn't wish for a more symbiotic relationship. As we strive for more on the water success in the Extreme Sailing Series and the World Match Racing Tour in 2012 our name and that of Armin Strom will run together."

Serge Michel, Armin Strom’s CEO, commented on the newly created partnership:
“As far as I am concerned, the Extreme Sailing Series is like Formula 1. Amazingly fast, fascinating and action-packed. Apart from the team’s performance, technology and high tech materials also play an important role. We have found a highly motivated partner in Team GAC Pindar, which has been enjoying high recognition for many years. We can look forward to many events and successes together!”

The beginning of this year’s Extreme Sailing Series takes place in Oman on 28 February.