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Cindy Crawford is guest of honorOMEGA celebrates opening of new-look GUM Boutique

Cindy Crawford is guest of honor at Moscow's Pashkov House On the 5th of October at the Pashkov House in Moscow, a gala cocktail event celebrated the opening of OMEGA's new-look boutique at GUM. OMEGA president Stephen Urquhart was joined by his brand's longest-serving ambassador, supermodel Cindy Crawford.

The opulently decorated Pashkov House was festively illuminated and the path from its gates to the entrance was lined with torches. Guests were welcomed into the exquisitely decorated main hall by actors dressed as watchmakers. On display was a selection of OMEGA's iconic Constellation line. The watches, which had been flown directly from Switzerland for the event, were equipped with OMEGA's revolutionary Co-Axial technology.

A dramatic combination of sound and lighting effects indicated that the guest of honor was about to make her appearance. Cindy Crawford made a dramatic entrance and with Stephen Urquhart, she welcomed the guests to the event. Ms. Crawford said, "My close connection with OMEGA is based not only on a wonderful relationship of many years but also on a mutual philosophy, common values and shared dreams.

The OMEGA Boutique at GUM

The OMEGA Boutique at GUM, which opened originally in 2006, is characterized by the brand's global design concept. The cohesive, harmonious space features elements that represent air, water, earth, the sun and, of course, time. GUM, which faces Red Square, is the most prestigious retail address in Moscow. Built between 1890 and 1893, it is a center for luxury brand shopping.