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Headquarters in La Chaux-de-Fonds and Solothurn Rodolphe + Roamer + CAT = R&R Time Group

(01/2000) Today, the watch industry is in the throes of change with buy-outs, mergers, regroupings, and the sharing of development, production and distribution facilities. Now, three more middle-range brands have pooled their resources so each can develop in its own niche. The newly-formed R & R Time group will preside over the destinies of Rodolphe, Roamer and CAT.

American businessman buys 90% of the company New Tack For Corum

(01/2000) Corum, one of the world's last independent watch brands, has changed hands with 90% of the company's shares now acquired by Mr Severin Wunderman, an American businessman well-known in the watch industry. The remaining 10% is being held by the founder's son, Mr Jean-René Bannwart.

New acquisition The Swatch Group Ltd. acquires Groupe Horloger Breguet from Investcorp S.A.

(09/1999) Investcorp S.A. and The Swatch Group Ltd. have reached an agreement whereby all shares of the Groupe Horloger Breguet will be taken over by the Swatch Group. Breguet whose origins date back to 1775, is one of the oldest timepiece manufacturers in the world. It produces high quality hand-assembled mechanical timepieces known for the beauty of their design as well as for their accuracy and technical innovation.

Exciting and positive cooperation The Swatch Group sells its smart participation to Daimler-Benz

(11/1998) After the successful introduction of the smart car in Europe and considering the withdrawal of MCC for the construction of the hybrid model, the Swatch Group decided to sell its minority shareholding in MCC and offered its shares to Daimler-Benz. This step enables the majority shareholder to realize all important and necessary measures without loss of time.

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