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World premiere.Parmigiani

Parmigiani world premiereHaute Horlogerie: A unique homage to the hegirian Calendar

Never before in the history of watchmaking has a continuous calendar using a Hegirian thirty-year algorithm been invented by a Swiss Haute Horlogerie brand. The only one of its kind in the world and achieved after many years of research, the Parmigiani clock indicates the time over a lunar cycle lasting 30 years, alternating the 19 normal years with 354 days with 11 leap years with 355 days. An outstanding technical accomplishment created in Parmigiani's own workshops, this an absolute world premiere. Requiring no intervention from the user, the thirty-year continuous calendar automatically adapts itself to the lunar cycle.

This extraordinary invention is a milestone advancing the understanding and development of a benchmark scientific universal Hegirian calendar.

The Parmigiani clock, which has an autonomy of 30 days, has been entirely manufactured in the Haute Horlogerie brand’s own workshops. Its dial shows the hours and minutes, the date in Arabic numerals, the day of the week and the month in Arabic calligraphy, the leap years in Arabic numerals and the normal years in the form of indices, the precision moon phases and the power reserve. The cabinet structure, as well as the base, is made from solid silver, with decorative details in black obsidian, quartz and ruby for the power reserve indicator.