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Elegant and refinedMido

BASELNEWS 2011Mido presents two new two-tone models

These two new models are an extension of the Multifort range, inspired by Streamline. This American design movement dating from the early 1930s marks a major turning point in product design. In 1934, led by Georges Schaeren, Mido engineers and technicians developed the Multifort. Strong and handsome, it established itself as a benchmark of reliability and fine workmanship from the moment it appeared on the market.

The Lady and Gent Multifort models feature numerous details and subtle touches that clearly underline Mido’s love of this period. In two-tone steel with rose PVD treatment, they stand out as two remarkable models. Under the scratchproof sapphire crystal, the dial with Geneva stripes decorations is a study in Streamline style. The Lady model radiates charm and refinement with its circular Geneva stripes decoration and its setting of eight diamonds. The hands treated with Super Luminova® make it easy and pleasant to tell the time, even at night.

Enthusiasts of fine watchmaking will also be delighted by the transparent case-back, revealing all the magic of an elaborate and finely decorated automatic movement.

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