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The spirit of adventurersGlashütte Original

BASELNEWS 2011New Pilot watch: The Glashütte Original Navigator Worldview

It’s the 1920s. Aviation is in its infancy, yet all countries in Europe and around the world have already grasped the strategic importance of this revolutionary means of transportation. It opens endless opportunities simply by making the world a smaller place. Inventors and pioneers are testing the limits of existing technologies in a bid to push exploration and commerce as far as they can go. Germany is a forerunner of this push and its civil aviation goes as far as establishing a regular service linking Berlin to cities such as Moscow, Beijing and Shanghai.

Of course, back then, timetables and “connecting flights” had very different meanings to what we have come to take for granted when we travel today. The available technology and instrumentation were so minimal that a pilot also had to be a mechanic, a navigator, a photographer and cartographer to document routes—to put it simply… a pilot was an adventurer.

A watch was very much part of a pilot’s on-board instrumentation. Pilot watches were developed and produced whose main design requirements were their size—they needed to be worn on top of thick layers of warm clothing—and their readability, which had to be optimal day and night. To help with navigation they had to be accurate, as well.

The Navigator Worldview

With the Navigator Worldview, Glashütte Original presents an homage to those adventurous times and their spirit. Entirely consistent with the 20th Century Vintage collection styling, the Navigator Worldview has an adjustable city-ring that allows its user to determine the time across different time zones. With oversize numerals for ideal readability, the watch also sports Glashütte Original’s own panorama date at 6 o’clock, placing the wearer firmly in control of the situation.

The sapphire case back reveals the 39-47 movement. With its skeletonised rotor with 21ct gold oscillation weight and swan-neck fine adjustment and Glashütte three-quarter plate with stripe finish, it is a sight to behold, as well as an example of the fine craft of watchmaking from Glashütte Original.With its sporty and sturdy design, the Navigator Worldview is the ideal companion for the adventurous, cosmopolitan individual who likes to have the world at a glance on his wrist. And while flying may have become much more a part of our everyday lives, it still retains a sense of wonder and discovery of new places that we should never lose.

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