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The Art of Cameo EngravingBreguet Queen of Naples Collection Exhibition

Nov 16- 26, the top European Cameo Engraver set up his work shop at Breguet Peace Hotel Boutique to impress Chinese customer the art of cameo engraving. The timepiece Breguet Queen of Naples Cameo Ref 8958, a world first , celebrates the beauty of cameo craftsmanship. This traditional craft is originated at Torre del Greco in Naples and continually stays worldwide center of expertise is in the region of Naples, Italy.

Engraved in high relief to display the different contrasting strata of color, the cameo dial of the Queen of Naples 8958 is a veritable miniature sculptured from a shell and pushing back the limits between art and craftsmanship. Each dial is unique due to the handmade nature of these dials. On the occasion of this exhibition, Chinese clients are offered the unique possibility to appreciate 12 Zodiac cameo dial watches, and special chance to customize the pattern of the dial.