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Perfectly classicChronoswiss

Sun, Moon and StarsTimeless, elegant design: Chronoswiss Sirius Triple Date

The Sirius model had Chronoswiss moving the measuring stick to an extremely high place: the name of this new model family comes from the brightest star in the night sky. Like little brother Sirius, the Triple Date is also characterized by timeless, elegant design, proving that sometimes less is indeed more. Perfectly classic and still modern, its kingly origins are visible even in the tips of the hands making their rounds on the dial: these are hand-finished and designed in the stylized leaf shape known as feuille that is just as much a distinguishing characteristic of this line as the elegant case with its polished bezel and curved strap lugs.

The harmonious aesthetics are continued in the dial: three sweep hands showing hours, minutes, and seconds and two windows at 12 o'clock displaying month and day as well as the moon phase with a date hand at 6 o'clock despite the many displays, the dial’s design remains classic and clean. The Sirius Triple Date’s only jewelry is found in its lavishly applied markers. Regardless of their visual similarities, the big difference between the two siblings is above all the mechanical values they carry inside: an automatic caliber ticks within the Sirius Triple Date, which was modified to accommodate the complete calendar with moon phase complication.

Thus, the Sirius model competes for competition from within its own model family. And the only question that remains is which of the two models shines more brightly in the horological firmament.