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2x150 piecesMeisterSinger

For aficionados MeisterSinger limited edition pocket-watch

MeisterSinger has a special relationship with time. This is why we reinterpreted well-established things by designing an elegant, original pocket-watch. The outcome is the Ur Uhr pocket-watch. Simply made for relaxed people and those who always wanted to form time a little bit more individually. Even with launching the Ur Uhr pocket-watch MeisterSinger is bound to its principles. A lone hand, moving in unhurried increments of five minutes, appears to slow the passage of time. This is how time seems to fly slower and more intensive.

The new pocket-watch is available in a limited edition of 2x150 pieces, either in white or ivory. Also part of the pocket-watch: a plexiglass display for keeping an eye on the dial and a watch-chain made of stainless steel.

It’s the question of one’s individual mood whether the pocket-watch, beautiful as it is, will rest in the pocket often.