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Complicated timepiece

BASELNEWS 2010Cuervo y Sobrinos - The evolution of a watchclassic

Cuervo y Sobrinos presents two new versions of one of the most emblematic models in its collection: a very refined and sleekly modern variation of the Prominente Chronograph. This timepiece is a classic of the brand with a “Swiss heart and a Latin soul.” This complicated timepiece with steel case features a carbon fibre dial with a unique honeycomb decoration.

The sophisticated texture is achieved with laser technology. This unique decoration unmistakable recalls the calendar of the Formula one  cars of the pre-war period (second world war) and underscores the link between Cuervo y Sobrinos and its commitment to the most important classic cars races in Europe (eg.: the Swiss brand is main sponsor of the “Tour de España/Spain and the Etna Raid/Italy).

The names of those two models are also clearly linked to the world of the automobile competitions: Gran Premio (Grand Prix) and Trofeo (Trophy). The “Trofeo” is the more sophisticated timepiece of the 2 models. In addition to the gold plated indices which reinforce  the vintage feeling of this watch, the “Trofeo” has an 18 ct. solid gold CyS logo applied on the rotor. On top of this, the honeycomb decoration of the dial is also reproduced of the case – the result is a unique yet amazing aesthetics which conveys refinement combined with sportiness.

The “Gran Prix” is the more casual version. The handsome combination of  “black and white” (carbon fibre and steel) on the dial provides contrast and interest. The pure lines of the Prominente Chronograph are inspired by the Art Déco style. The long case perfectly aligns with the curved wrist of the owner and the pushers echo  the same design silhouette as the fluid case. The 3 counters  (hours, minutes and small seconds) are highlighted by the unique design of the dial. The details of the thin automatic movement (42 hours power reserve) can be seen through a transparent back. As always the rotor of the movement is decorated with the typical CyS decoration. The bracelet is textile with a carbon fiber surface to match the dial design or a classic Louisiana alligator in the case of the “Trofeo”.

Those new models of Cuervo y Sobrinos represents the philosophy of the Swiss brand : respect for origin and traditions while at the same time boldly combining the classical design with state-of-the-art innovative elements.