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Tesla Roadster on tour


To pay tribute to its prestigious heritage and to mark its 150th anniversary, TAG Heuer is organising an amazing international round-the-world exhibition. At this occasion, 16 historical iconic timepieces and 3 major novelties will be exhibited. The “Odyssey of pioneers” is an epic and emotional experience. The first ever and a round-the-world tour by a zero-emission GT car: a true human saga of two avant-garde brands, discovering Mankind and diverse identities; the Tesla roadster, comparable to an athlete carrying the Olympic flame, and TAG Heuer’s revolutionary watches, as testimonial of 150 years of pioneering watchmaking, join in the same challenge. It’s about performance and true experience, innovation and human interaction.

This sporty tour consists of a road show and an exhibition of the brands’ heritage and legacy. This luxury event visits 15 key cities and for each stop there is the inauguration of an exhibition in the presence of VIPs and press. The special TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster, a fully electric sports car, is the physical link between each heritage exhibition and has been specially designed by Tesla Motors for TAG Heuer to take the challenge.

This one-of-a-kind collector's car includes a unique interior by Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen, incorporating TAG Heuer avant-garde design elements and a specially designed removable console due to host TAG Heuer’s cutting edge concept watch to be revealed in Basel on March 18th. This car also features a TAG Heuer Meridiist mobile phone as well as a one-fifth second Heuer Limited Edition Stopwatch. This Swiss-made timepiece with mechanical movement pays tribute to the company founded in 1860 and evokes the mythical revival of the brand's vintage stopwatches. The exterior color scheme is Foucault Field Gray, embodying the innovative spirit of both companies. The design was inspired by the new TAG Heuer concept watch, a technical milestone in mechanical movements, which brings technologically advanced art to life through motion.

During the Odyssey, the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster will be driven by Tesla professional drivers, media and celebrities along the way. The driver's vision will be enhanced by TAG Heuer's Sportvision Sun and Nightvision frames, the most technically advanced eyewear available to motorsports professionals that have proven to be key in the mythical Le Mans 24-hours endurance races.