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BASELNEWS 2010NIGHTEAGLE – when stealth does not go unnoticed

The DualTow is a gem of horological complexity and a distillate of the innovation, expertise and excellence inherent to the Manufacture Christophe Claret. Launched in 2009 to mark the company’s 20th anniversary, it has made a profound and lasting impact thanks to its combination of powerful aesthetics and technical inventiveness. At Baselworld 2010, the DualTow returns in an even more spellbinding version. Its subtly sophisticated face provides a discreet backdrop that highlights its exceptional mechanism. Presented in an all-black version and in black with white accents, its stealth-style shape, angular lugs and tinted sapphire bridges are reflected in its intriguing name: NightEagle.

The handful of watch companies capable of creating, developing and ensuring the reliability of totally exclusive and ultra-complex watch movements form an extremely exclusive fraternity to which Christophe Claret SA undeniably belongs. For over 20 years, the Manufacture has consistently devised some of the world’s most complicated new calibres.

Few brands admit to outsourcing in creating their most complex models, which explains why, beyond a select circle of connoisseurs, the name of Christophe Claret is little known to the public at large. Nonetheless, from the minute repeater – the first complication developed by this watchmaker – to the orbital tourbillon and the roller-display perpetual calendar, the Manufacture is indisputably one of the most innovative and effective companies in the watch industry.

Single-pusher planetary-gear chronograph NightEagle

The DualTow NightEagle – a single-pusher planetary-gear chronograph with striking mechanism and tourbillon, endowed with several inventions, including a patented one – is a concentrated blend of the experience, expertise and mastery of the finest watchmaking acquired and cultivated by Christophe Claret SA. The DualTow collection will in due course comprise 68 unique configurations.

Representing a stunning alliance between the best of the watchmaking art and a boldly futuristic projection, the DualTow features a variety of references. First of all, to the ultra-secret world of stealth aircraft such as the American F-117 Night Hawk, reflected in the taut lines, sharp angles, tone-on-tone colours and transparency effects. These are indeed exactly the kind of avant-garde and confidential characteristics that inspired Lamborghini in creating its Reventon, the most powerful Lamborghini ever, an earth-bound alter ego of the F-22 Raptor. The design of its wheel rims with its emblematic angled spokes is echoed in the hammers of the NightEagle’s chronograph mechanism.

There are also nods to the world of heavy and powerful machinery, such as diggers and lunar modules with their caterpillar tracks: these vehicles convey an impression of raw power that is evoked in the belt-type display. And finally, it symbolically alludes to the royal eagle by borrowing some of the noble bird’s chief attributes, such as a black and white coat and a piercing gaze.

Belt-type display with integrated winding

The two notched belts in a rubber specially developed for Christophe Claret are driven by cylinders placed on either end. To intensify the impression of motion, the design of their sides is directly inspired by racing-car wheel rims. Inside, a screw-tightening module enables ultra-precise adjustment ensuring optimally smooth operation. In addition to this mechanism, the minute belt houses a fully integrated winding and time-setting system.

The left-hand belt provides a digital display of the hour, and the right-hand one shows the minutes. On the NightEagle, this original system is enriched with a new and more dynamic instrument-panel type of font. The now slightly sloping numerals appear in black against a white background, or grey against a black background.