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Ora #1 ORA

Family-owned and run upmarket watch brandORA SWISS WATCH COMPANY

A new concept, an amalgam of art, technology and culture, has arrived on the watch scene. The Ora Swiss Watch company is a family-owned and run upmarket watch brand. It dreams up, develops, designs and manufactures its watches in Ticino on the shores of Lake Maggiore in southern Switzerland. It is a place where the rigour and tradition of the north meet the charm and culture of the south, a place where ideas flourish, with passion. Ora: Italian for “time”, “hour” and “now”.

The case and dial of the chronograph are sculpted from a single piece of titanium in a shower of millions and millions of sparks; this was achieved by using a unique technology to create a unique design, both of which have been patented. An uncompromising approach of savoir-faire, technology and quality.