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Charismatic elegance

A powerful personality EBEL Classic Hexagon Chronograph

In any fine piece of architecture, foundations are all-important. In the case of the new Ebel Classic Hexagon Chronograph, this handsome and distinguished timepiece is clearly grounded on the bedrock of the essential brand values, interpreting them in an inimitably modern and contemporary manner.

The extreme purity of the chronograph function is underscored by the overall sense of balance and generous dimensions characteristic of this eminently masculine model. The multilayer construction admirably accentuates the architectural dimension of this model, conveying an inspired and clearly holistic approach to design.

Radiating its very own brand of charismatic elegance, this is clearly a genuine classic that also manages to remain resolutely avant-garde. The epitome of ergonomic efficiency thanks to curved and exceptionally well integrated pushbuttons ensuring smooth handling and dipping lugs guaranteeing a perfect fit, it is complemented by a smoothly integrated alligator leather strap finely crafted with tone-on-tone hand stitching.

With its signature monohull construction, visible screws, alternating brushed and polished finishing, fine mechanical self-winding movement and unmistakable aura of casual chic, the Ebel Classic Hexagon Chronograph appears in many ways to have inherited the best of everything. Its handsome 48.3 mm case exudes admirable presence and is clearly equally at home in the boardroom on the wrist of a top executive as when its owner is pursuing sports activity or attracting admiring glances at a glamorous evening event. This is a watch for men of taste and discernment, for confident, intuitive individuals who prefer not to resort to commonplace status symbols.

Offsetting the tried and trusted movement from the center provided plenty of space for a beautifully proportioned dial layout. The original 12-hour display at 6 o’clock features a disc rotating between the two dial plates, thus accentuating the architectural nature of the watch, while the highly legible double-digit date indication completes the picture at 12 o’clock. The double anti-reflective crystal vividly highlights the clarity and restrained elegance of this striking watch face.

Talented watchmakers and designers have clearly gone to extreme lengths in creating a chronograph with an exceptionally powerful personality and representing a further demonstration of excellence from the Architects of Time.