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Unique masterpieces

Precious InspirationUrbach’s Luxury collection sets new guidelines

Urbach presents  there watch collection at the Basel World 2010. The collection is named “Precious Inspiration” and emphasizes  luxury, design and radiance. It appeals to a specific class of people: men and woman in search of being special, looking to distinguish themselves from the masses. Time is as individual as man himself. Precious Inspiration is a watch inspired by this philosophy. It is a collection of luxury both expressing art and jewellery simultaneously. Generously large areas in pure 18 carat gold, combined with valuable diamonds, a limited edition of 200 pieces make each watch a rare and valuable creation. The heart of the watch contains an ETA 2892 A2 movement. The body, the wristband, the face, and the crown, are all handcrafted in 18 carat gold.

The design of these unique masterpieces lies in the depth of the design, setting new guidelines. It is a combination of inspiration, rare materials, technical perfection and clear functionality. J.U. deliberately looks at her watch as a means of gauging time. The success of this watch should be measured by its exclusiveness and exhilarating design, deliberately excluding playfull  auxiliary functions. Precious Inspiration from J.U. is in a class of itself, representing the top of prestige and uniqueness.  The Price for these rare and precious models ranges from 11.000 USD up to 32.000 USD.