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BUBEN&ZORWEGCatalogue presentation at the SIHH Geneva

Rarely have the highlights from BUBEN&ZORWEG been seen in such quantity than at the presentation of the new catalogue at the BUBEN&ZORWEG VIP Lounge at Les Ambassadeurs in Geneva between 18 and 22 January 2010. The occasion was the 20th SIHH, the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie.

The members of a high-profile circle of professionals received the catalogue and the masterpieces from BUBEN&ZORWEG with appreciation and enthusiasm. Many were only too pleased to take advantage of the opportunity to compare the pieces so lavishly presented and described in the catalogue with the originals "in the flesh" – and the general opinion was that the objects that are so fascinating when experienced "live" have found perfect representation on more than 100 printed pages.

Masterpieces that instil enthusiasm

"Our intention in simultaneously  presenting the new catalogue and a selection of our masterpieces was to demonstrate to a competent circle of professionals that we really do keep what we promise on paper: outstanding craftsmanship, perfect performance and high desirability for any passionate collector of items that are both beautiful and valuable", emphasises Christian Zörweg on the occasion of the catalogue presentation, whilst Harald Buben adds: "Having spent a year expanding our Flagship stores around the world we are delighted to now have what is basically a virtual showroom that shows who we are and what we can do.“

The complete performance spectrum in an overview

The catalogue offers a comprehensive overview of the entire BUBEN&ZORWEG  program, from the small yet refined jewellery case to the TIME MOVER® and FINE TIMEPIECES and SAFES to the impressive OBJECTS OF TIME that lend an air of individuality to even the most discerning environments.

Images, texts, data and facts bring the world of BUBEN&ZORWEG to life before the very eyes of the beholder. Experience page for page the commitment to perfection in master craftsmanship, the stylistically sound and always unique designs of our masterpieces, the valuable combinations of various materials and, in particular, the art of clock-making pushed to its utmost boundaries. Many passionate lovers of luxurious timepieces and attractive collectibles will doubtlessly spend hour upon hour perusing the new BUBEN&ZORWEG catalogue and start to dream...