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Zeit meisternWEMPE

Outstanding value for money.New: WEMPE ZEITMEISTER Glashütte i/SA

The German title “Meister” ("master craftsman") has always stood for acknowledged expertise and quality. The Association of German Jewellery Retailers established this qualification for watchmakers in the 1950s. Equivalent to the contemporary notion of “time management,” the German phrase “Zeit meistern" (literally "to master one’s time"), also dates from the 1950s, the period of West Germany’s economic revival.

Hence the name given to the Wempe Zeitmeister timepieces, which delighted aficionados in the 1950s and ’60s. A desire to familiarize budding connoisseurs with the fascinating art of mechanical watchmaking has now prompted Wempe to re-release the Zeitmeister. Though the price may seem low for a chronometer, all fifteen models – each of which features a traditional dial design –
satisfies the most stringent horological standards. The elaborate relief engraving of Glashütte Observatory on the back of each watch recalls the 15-day chronometer test administered in accordance with Germany's industrial standards.