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Set of dashboard clocksReliable instruments for classic car rallies

Alpine hairpin turns, glaring midday sun, a sudden rainshower – and you’re in the middle of a time trial at a specified speed. Classic car rallies require much more than a love of nostalgic cars. To be successful, you need concentration and excellent control of your vehicle, and both the driver and the navigator must exhibit extreme precision. You need reliable instruments like the set of dashboard clocks from SINN.

When Sinn Spezialuhren was founded in 1961, cockpit instruments and the precision they must maintain even under extreme conditions played a special role. They inspired Helmut Sinn, the company’s founder and a pilot himself, to create his first aviation chronographs.

But these on-board instruments are indispensable not only on airplanes and yachts. Fans of classic car rallies also rely on precision timepieces that are just as stylish as they are functional. These events require adherence to specified times in addition to excellent orientation and the perfect control of the vehicle.

Now you and your team can select a combination of navigation instruments for the next rally or tour. For example, the dashboard clock, precise to the second, with a removable bezel. And up to two chronographs, with such features as a tachymeter scale, ascending or descending numerals, and flyback function. Perfect for setting target times and completing time trials successfully.

These instruments can be securely fastened to the dashboard with the help of mounting plates made of satin-finished titanium. They can be removed easily by pressing on the bayonet joint (no chance for thieves!) and replaced as needed. And during the off-season, when there are no rallies to be run, the set of dashboard clocks looks good on your desk, for example. The elegant wooden display block pictured on the cover is available separately.