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It runs and runs and runs…Power reserve of up to one month - Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive

As a symbol of cyclic renewal, the moon stands for time and eternity. This mysticism is reflected in the new Premier men's watches of Japanese watchmaker Seiko. The watch, with its moon phase display, symbolizes the course of the moon and the eternal course of time with its untiring Kinetic technology.

The energy for the timepiece is generated by the movement of the arm, converted into electricity and used to activate the watch movement. Additional energy available in the storage element ensures a power reserve of up to one month. The display is designed to guarantee clearest time presentation and supreme ease of use. All main functions are therefore operated with the help of the single crown. The same crown is used for adding power to the watch. The watch wearer can see the power that is being generated right at the moment. That is the reason the watch is called „Direct Drive“.

With the combined day and 24-hour indicators at 6 o’clock and the dual fan-shaped dial for the remaining energy at 9 o’clock, the functionality is clear. The Kinetic-technology of this timepiece received the “Blue Angel” award. The Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive is available now in selected stores.