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Honoured by three

Designed to provide Blancpain connoisseurs The BLANCPAIN Lettres du Brassus Magazine

Launched two years ago by Blancpain, Lettres du Brassus is a magazine dedicated to the art of living and which is also designed to provide Blancpain connoisseurs and devotees with first-hand information on the brand’s projects and the latest creations from the Manufacture. The silver medal received by Issue No. 2 of the publication last year in the European Best of Corporate Publishing competition shows that the world’s oldest watch brand has even surpassed its objective.

Better still, the International Mercury Awards, considered one of the most prestigious prizes in the field of corporate publishing, has just awarded three of their prizes to Issue No. 2 of Lettres du Brassus: the Grand Award for Writing (all categories of publications); the Gold Award for Writing (magazine category) and an Honours Award for Design.

Nearly 1000 publications, submitted from 23 countries, competed for this year’s Mercury Awards. The judging juries were made up of 100 professionals, members of the International Academy of Communications Arts and Sciences. The Academy members constitute a “Who’s Who” in the world of corporate publishing. The selection criteria are particularly rigorous, as each entry was reviewed at least three times by the judging juries. The latter evaluated each publication to determine how it met its stated objectives, how well it communicated to its audience, its level of imaginative and creative solutions, its use of illustrative material and the overall expression of its message.

Blancpain is deeply humbled to have been honoured by three awards, including the Grand Award, particularly when measured against this calibre of competition from around the world. Blancpain was officially recognised at the award ceremony held in New York on March 13. As mentioned earlier, the second issue of Lettres du Brassus had already received a silver medal in the Best of Corporate Publishing competition in the “business to consumers” category. Lettres du Brassus is published by Blancpain twice per year. With a circulation approaching 100,000 copies, the magazine is offered in English, French, German and Spanish. Christel Räber, project manager, and Jeffrey Kingston are the editors in chief of the publication. Graphic design, art and layouts are produced by Thema Communication of Germany. Lettres du Brassus is available without charge by subscription, from Blancpain boutiques and dealers around the world.