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The shape of things to comeNew Wenger Attitude Heritage timepieces are set to stand the tests of time

In the quest to design a totally new signature shape for its watches, Wenger reflected long and hard on the Swiss brand’s horological heritage. This exercise in time travel made a meaningful stopover in 1998, in the hands of the iconic Wenger Commando line.

The rest is history – and the present is an unmistakable identity that will shape the brand’s future and its product design.

Proudly integrating the new watch head, to celebrate its debut, are the latest additions to the Attitude family. In all of these, the slender, ergonomic case, with vertical brushing, sits comfortably on the wrist with an intrinsic sense of belonging. Long lugs that stand resolutely to attention frame a perfect circle. This design was quite simply meant to be. The timeless new Attitude Day & Date Heritage pieces furnish urban cool with an echo of nostalgia. They are reliable companions on trips downtown and out of town, kept on track by their precise timekeeping ability, luminescent dial detail and easy-to-read day and date. And with a three-year warranty, it’s certainly not a case of here today and gone tomorrow.

Not everything is black and white – but the two flagship watches of the 2017 Attitude collection are just that. One with a matt white lacquered dial gracefully teams with either a sophisticated black leather strap or an elegant grey nylon attachment. Its contrasting counterpart combines a black dial with a bi-finished stainless steel bracelet. They say the only difference between a good and bad day is attitude. This could also apply to watches it seems.