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A gents’ tennis-inspired timepiece for all occasions Preview BASELWORLD 2017: Introducing the new Rado HyperChrome Match Point

Rado has a long legacy in the tennis world, and now the Swiss watchmaker is unveiling an exclusive timepiece that further proves its dedication to the sport. Limited to just 999 pieces, the new Rado HyperChrome Match Point is ready to adorn your wrist both on and off court.

This new tennis-inspired wristwatch is the follow-up piece to the original HyperChrome Match Point. The new model features the same stylish shape and athletic spirit of the original, but with an updated colour scheme and details. The blue dial is home to three subdials: a second counter, a chronograph minute counter, and a chronograph hour counter. In a nod to the points of the game, the second counter is marked at 00, 15 and 40, and the chronograph minute counter at 30. A net-like design on the chronograph hour counter adds an extra tennis-themed touch.

The Match Point looks even sportier thanks to the tachymeter scale engraved around its polished bezel. Using the tachymeter and the red-tipped hand, you can calculate your speed based on travel time or your distance based on speed. The sophistication of the timepiece is further enhanced by the unique warm metallic shine of its plasma high-tech ceramic construction. The monobloc case and bracelet are matt, with the high gloss middle links providing an eye-catching contrast.

Sporty shine

With the new HyperChrome Match Point, Rado’s signature plasma high-tech ceramic is in the spotlight once again. To achieve the material’s one-of-a-kind metallic look, finished white ceramic components are placed in a plasma furnace. Gases activated at 20,000°C then trigger a reaction that gives the piece a unique metallic lustre. The singular plasma colour that emerges looks metallic without containing any metal at all, and all the benefits of high-tech ceramic are retained. Just like other Rado high-tech ceramic timepieces, the HyperChrome Match Point is lightweight, scratch resistant, and hypoallergenic – ensuring that you can lift your trophy in comfort and style.