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True beauty comes from withinThe new radio-controlled and solar-powered watch Spektrum for ladies.

The new Spektrum ladies' watch from Uhrenfabrik Junghans is characterised by premium materials and peerless radio-controlled accuracy. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a feminine design, this long-awaited Junghans model has been developed specifically for women.

It is based on the long-serving and popular Spektrum men's watch. Whilst the focus in re-cent years has been primarily upon men's watches, this distinctive ladies' model perfectly combines innovative technology with attractive elegance. A further example of the precision of the radio-controlled technology with which the venerable Schramberg company has enjoyed great success since 1990.


The Spektrum for ladies incorporates the components that have made the men's watch so popular, complementing them with ingenious details without losing the sporty, minimalist appearance. The shimmering mother-of-pearl dial sets discreet, elegant accents. In interaction with the light the natural material becomes vibrant, revealing its true beauty, as changeable as the sea itself. As no two pieces of mother-of-pearl are alike, each watch is unique, its changing appearance making it a characteristic piece of jewellery for the wearer. Sunlight not only enhances the look of the dial, it also provides a key function: the rays of sunshine penetrate the semi-transparent natural material, charging the solar dial with energy. Two variants of the Spektrum for ladies feature white mother-of-pearl dials. As a singular, sparkling accessory these dials are each set with 16 diamonds, further highlighting the sophisticated effect of the models. For women who favour more distinctive designs there are variants with black mother-of-pearl dials.


The impressive, Schramberg-made multi-frequency radio-controlled solar movement receives the time signal on three continents, thus ensuring an uncompromisingly accurate time display – and being highly environmentally friendly at the same time. The movement of the watch is the result of years of experience and the highest level of technical knowledge. It is powered by the unlimited and renewable energy source without which no life could exist: the sun. Solar cells in the light-permeable dial, made with natural materials, transform the sun's rays into electrical energy, which is stored inside the watch – energy that can deliver a reliable time display for up to 21 months. The high technology movement is protected by a case of stainless steel with a ceramic bezel, guaranteeing water resistance of 10 atm.