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Meister of distancePreview BASELWORLD 2014: The Junghans Meister Telemeter

Born of the enthusiasm for making time, speed and distance visible at a glance, tachymeter and telemeter scales have been in use with Junghans for decades.

With the Meister Telemeter Uhrenfabrik Junghans rekindles this passion in the classic range.

Historically legitimised

There has long been a fascination with measuring speed and distance with the aid of precise figures. In the mid 19th century the introduction of telemeter scales enabled the visualisation of distances via the speed of sound – for example the speed of an approaching storm.

The emergence of motor sport in the early 20th century saw an increasing requirement for the precise measurement of time and determination of speed via tachymeter scales. In the 1930s Junghans fulfilled this with the manufacture of stopwatches with integrated tachymeter scales. In 1951 the Schramberg-based watch brand launched functional wristwatch chronographs, using telemeter and tachymeter scales to display both speed and distance measurements.

Meister Telemeter

Inspired by this historic chronograph of 1951, in 2014 Junghans is presenting a new addition to the Meister line, combining tradition and functionality. The dial is discreetly designed with symmetrically-arranged totalisors and the scales around the minute graduation, enabling optimal legibility. The face of the watch with its unusual arrangement of auxiliary dials follows the historic example set by the legendary Junghans chronoscope with column wheel calibre J88.

Today, the 40-mm stainless steel case houses a J880.3 automatic movement. This delivers precise stopwatch times, displaying the required information regarding measured distance covered via the telemeter and tachymeter scales. The result is a timepiece with a contemporary interpretation, its classic, sporty appearance making it a new Junghans masterpiece.