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Reach for the StarsBASELWORLD 2013: The Bicolor Antaria Family in Red Gold

The name for this particular family of watches from Mühle-Glashütte is derived from the brightest star in the constellation Scorpio: Antares. With its bright reddish brilliance, it is visible from Earth to the naked eye. This same brilliance is mirrored in the new models of the Antaria family, which radiate bicolor elegance and style with red gold.

With these four new variants, the Antaria family makes some noticeable and exclusive additions to its collection. A polished stainless steel case and elegant gilded bezel are united in these stylish timepieces, forming a perfect complement to the gilded hands and numbers, which clearly and majestically differentiate themselves from their anthracite background. Like its predecessors in the successful Antaria family, this stylish and well-balanced image is complemented with a Russian leather strap and stainless steel butterfly clasp. And although Antares may be more than 500 light years from Earth in the southern sky, these new stars of the Antaria family are just a quick glance away.

Antaria Chronograph

Antares is also affectionately known by astronomers as the "red giant", because its radiance outshines all surrounding stars. Like its namesake, the Antaria Chronograph also excels in beauty – distinguishing itself as a shining example of readability and precision. Its hands and numbers, in red gold, are clearly distinguished from its anthracite dial. The red gold gilded hands gently sweep across the reduced minute dial of this chronograph like Antares through the endless vastness of outer space. The totalisers, tastefully seated in the main dial, are arranged at 6, 9 and 12 o'clock respectively. The overall balanced look of this 42-millimeter chronograph is completed by the date aperture and Mühle logo at the 3 o'clock position.

The MU 9408 chronograph movement reliably ensures perfect timekeeping and is equipped with all the characteristic Mühle features: Mühle rotor, the patented fine regulation and the Glashütte three-quarter movement plate. These technical details not only form a functional highlight, they are also aesthetically pleasing.

Take a look through the sapphire crystal back into the light-filled interior and you’ll see what we mean: it’s a simply wondrous journey into the galaxy of time.

Antaria Kleine Sekunde

Antares, with its small companion star revolving around it, forms a binary star system. The bicolor Antaria Kleine Sekunde (small second) elegantly takes up the example of its namesake. Located within the expansive anthracite-colored dial of this watch, clearly articulated numbers and an elegantly gilded hand complement this special timepiece. And thanks to its SW 260-1 movement, the small second is even more harmoniously balanced. Exactly between the center of the dial and the 6 o'clock position, the small second dial – from which the Kleine Sekunde draws its name – ably demonstrates this fine watches precise timekeeping. The well-balanced and pleasant dial design of this 42-millimeter timepiece is completed by the addition of the Mühle logo at the 12 o'clock position. While Antares' small companion star is only visible from earth with a good telescope, the Antaria Kleine Sekunde instantly provides the time at a glance. And like the other members of the Antaria family, it is also encased in a brilliant red gold bezel.

Antaria Datum & Antaria Medium

Translated into English, Antares means "next to Mars", because from the earth it is easily confused with the great red planet. With the Antaria Datum and Antaria Medium, the Antaria family also has a strikingly similar pair of watches that serve as the perfect counterpart for male and female stargazers alike.

In both of these variants, radiant elegance combines with formal understatement. With diameters of 38 and 33.5 millimeters respectively, the Antaria Datum and Antaria Medium are tasteful accents on every wearer's wrist. The gilded numbers and hands stand out smartly from the anthracite-colored background of the clearly-designed dial, which is harmoniously framed by a gilded bezel in red gold.

The self-winding automatic mechanism with its typical Mühle fine regulator, a Mühle rotor, and characteristic surface finish ensure both long-lasting reliability and that the wearer obtains a lifetime of pleasure from both these timepieces. The solid, high quality, polished stainless steel case provides optimum protection for the carefully assembled movement, while a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal ensures a clear view of the wearers’ time together.