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Dead beat seconds: small complication – big impressionHabring²: The movements A09S and A09MS

Models with a jumping seconds device have fought hard since 2005 to gain a fixed place in the small but exclusive Habring² collection. The rather unusual small complication does, after all, stand more than any other for the real core values of Habring²: reliable everyday technology but with that certain something.

Whilst Chezard calibres from the 1950s were used back in 2005, the in-house development of the calibre A07 based on the predecessor ETA-Valgranges formed the backbone of the range with the atypical movement of the seconds hand from 2007 on.

The standard of the Habring² introduction line since 2009, the so-called "Time", will in future apply to the jump seconds hand. Namely: the in-house manufacture of mainplate and bridges. The previous calibres A07 and A07M will become the A09S and A09MS, recognisable by - among others - the new finish.

The modularity of the A09S and A09MS will remain unchanged. Alongside manual and automatic winding the calibres also offer a classic date display, power reserve display, second time zone, moon phase display or even a calendar. All of these displays are available for retrofitting to existing Habring² watches. Even the inclusion of a tourbillon visible on the rear is possible. The moon phase display with an enlarged moon at 6 o'clock is completely new.

The visual appearance has also changed: the new black dial with its characteristic illuminated numbers coupled with a fully satinised stainless steel case is reminiscent of the pilots' watches of the 40s and 50s. Although today's standard fortunately no longer needs to include the magnetic field protection required in those days, it is nonetheless available on request. This is made possible by a development that will be incorporated in the Habring² manufacture movement coming in 2014. The components of the anti-magnetic escapement designed in accordance with the Swiss anchor escapement will be made of non-ferrous metals. They render conventional magnetic field screening unnecessary and therefore allow an untarnished view of the movement through the standard sapphire crystal back.