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Win a lot of luxury watches!The lucky winners of the TrustedWatch Advent Calendar

Halftime during the TrustedWatch Advent calendar and only twelve days until Christmas! We wish all participants continued success and good luck. Until Christmas Eve, there are many great watches to win!

Previous winners of the TrustedWatch Advent calendar:

1.12. Christian Kaiser from Sundern, Germany
2.12. Dimitrij Bass from Hamburg, Germany
3.12. Danielle Woodman from looe, United Kingdom
4.12. Sonja Verhoeven from Willich, Germany
5.12. Jolanta Czuba from Warszawa, Poland
6.12. Waltraud Lang from St. Oswald, Austria
7.12. Giuseppe Provitina from Gorgonzola MI, Italy
8.12. Uwe Lothschütz from Homburg, Germany
9.12. Christian Hadeler from Krefeld, Germany
10.12. Rainer Bartosch from Mainz, Germany
11.12. Gediminas Svilpa from Panevezys, Lithuania

Update 19.12.2012

11.12. Gediminas Svilpa from Panevezys, Lithuania
12.12. Roland Kleinschmager from Artern, Germany
13.12. Denise Kerll from Süßen, Germany
14.12. Michael Vogt from Mülheim-kärlich, Germany
15.12. Katja Vormelker from Neukloster, Germany
16.12. Stoian Popov from Sofia, Bulgarien
17.12. Kym Robson from Scarborough, United Kingdom
18.12. Gerd Richter from Nagold, Germany
19.12. Alfredo Arraiza from Pamplona, Spain

Update 25.12.2012

20.12. Maarten Coelingh from Bunnik, Netherlands
21.12. Dieter Buskohl from Aurich, Germany
22.12. Neil Clarke from Keighley, United Kingdom
23.12. Julius Schürmann from Wiesbaden, Germany
24.12. Maik Preßler from Leipzig, Germany