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Changed time zones necessitate an updating of the Weltzeit and GMT watchesNOMOS Glashütte is shifting the boundaries

There are places where a step or a stroke when swimming or rowing can propel one from today into yesterday or tomorrow. But where does this dateline lie?The sun, the earth, and the stars would plead for a straight line—but since there are countries, and countries have boundaries, the international dateline sometimes zigzags. And then sometimes this line is shifted—as Samoa, an island state on this boundary, recently did.

The Samoan government simply moved the dateline a bit, so that people there start the weekends with their neighbors in New Zealand, instead of with those in the part of the island group that belongs to the United States. The Prime Minister said this would have big and little advantages, since one can “have a birthday celebrated in Western Samoa, and then hop over and have the same birthday celebrated in eastern Samoa, that will be very exciting.”

It’s easy to explain what this has to do with NOMOS and Glashütte: so that everyone who is not a Samoan understands where “the island of tomorrow” lies (to paraphrase Umberto Eco), NOMOS Glashütte has now shifted and renamed the boundaries on its watches. In the future, if you set your Zürich Weltzeit or Tangomat GMT to the time zone GMT -11, you’ll now read the time in Pago Pago and no longer in Apia, Samoa. The changes in Russia’s time zones were also similarly implemented: starting now, the Glashütte manufactory is delivering its watches with new city dials.

And what about those who already have a watch? Very simple. NOMOS Glashütte is offering a very reasonably priced exchange of time zone indicators for those who so desire. Because for lovers of beautiful watches, NOMOS is happy to step across a boundary occasionally. And all the rest? They can remain in yesterday, if they like.