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More than 5 years of developmentVarious complications: JEANRICHARD JR1000 movement

Each JEANRICHARD watch is equipped with one of the manufacture's own movements. The Brand actually owns its manufacture-made movement, the JR1000, and a portfolio of 9 complications created in-house. More than 5 years of development led to the creation of this reliable and performing mechanical self-winding movement, which guarantees a perfect stability of the rate of the watch.

The JR1000 is designed to house several complications. The functions which can be added to it know virtually no limits; these include the second time zone, the square hour display or the linear power reserve. The manufactured JR1000 movement demonstrates excellent performance and perfect operating stability even after several modules are added.

The JR1000 is the ideal base for housing various complications, through which JEANRICHARD can express its technical expertise and creativity. The second time zone indication, linear display of the power reserve and square hour display are just a few examples of developments which illustrate the Brand's highly original vision.