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The Tourbillon

FRANC VILA introduces the tourbillon in its Cobra collection FV EVOS Nº 1 Cobra Tourbillon Planétaire 5 Days Power Reserve

FRANC VILA introduced today a tourbillon timepiece in its “Cobra” collection, which was released in Baselworld 2009 and introduced the first evolution of the “esprit unique” watchcase characteristic of the brand. Its big success has led Franc Vila to bring his classics to the collection as a homage to his beginnings.

In his words, “the Cobra timepieces have been extremely successful since we presented them last year in Basel, and we got a lot of feedback of our customers asking about our plans to bring different complications to the collection. I felt that I had to bring our classic identity elements as a bridge between the beginnings of the brand and its evolution. The tourbillon is a foundational complication for FRANC VILA, because I created the watchcase to house a tourbillon, and the “Cobra” collection deserved to be equipped with our classic tourbillon, the FVa Nº 1.” The FRANC VILA “Cobra” collection introduces the first evolution of the characteristic “esprit unique” watchcase. The new case is dedicated to aficionados of extreme sports. Built to withstand 300 meters deep, the “Cobra” timepieces are specially conceived for hard and intense water activities. The carbon fiber inserts ensure the protection of the watch for the most exigent sports.

The FV EVOS Nº 1 “Cobra” Tourbillon Planétaire is equipped with the exclusive manufactured calibre FRANC VILA FV Nº 1. This calibre is one of the first hand-made and hand-decorated FRANC VILA’s own movements. Equipped with a flying tourbillon with 5 days of power reserve, this movement made history adopting an aesthetic shape for the first time: the “esprit unique shape”. This movement is equipped with advanced systems and technologies that turn this piece into a very contemporary tourbillon. The “Inertial Moment Control” technology allows a precise adjustment through inertial moment, and the “Wheels Differential System” is a radically new spherical differential system used to wind the power reserve, with wheel arms directly incorporating the planetary gears. This innovative system allow a fast planetary winding function reduces the time to wind this exclusive timepiece by two-thirds.

The FV EVOS Nº 1 “Cobra” Tourbillon Planétaire is limited to 8 pieces in red gold and 8 pieces in titanium and DieHard Extreme Steel.