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28 pieces

Limited-edition collectionUlysse Nardin Caprice Tiger in White Gold

A woman, like the tiger, possesses a mysterious poetry of strength, power and sensuality, emitting a presence that is both commanding and curious. Ulysse Nardin feeds her fantasies with the Caprice Tiger: a jewel of a timepiece worthy of a fierce fight. The Caprice Tiger in 18-karat white gold transfixes those who cross its path. With eyes made of emeralds and a form glistening with diamonds, the tiger, although dreamlike, appears alive, as if it’s moving stealthily through the grasses. It is a creature of wonder, as enchanting and mystifying as the woman whose wrist it adorns. A piece of jewelry that stands confidently in its own splendor, the Caprice Tiger illustrates the convergence of high horology and breathtaking aesthetic.

Further embellishing its dial – emanating with strength and femininity – are fiery rubies marking the hour. And, with a simple self-winding movement and power reserve of 42 hours, it is the perfect timepiece for the woman who prefers being the center of attention and never slowing in stride.

Peek behind the scenes at the inner workings of this mechanical marvel and become captivated with its diamond-set rotor in 22-karat gold – through its clear sapphire-crystal case back. Holding all of its precise and precious elements securely in place is its 18-karat white gold case, sapphire-crystal cover and brilliant bezel sparkling in diamonds, as well. And, its cabochon dons even more diamonds, enhancing the timepiece’s character as a prized jewel.

Like a ribbon is the finishing facet of a carefully thought-out gift, the Caprice Tiger’s assortment of satin and galushat straps and white-gold bracelet from which to choose engulf a woman in ultimate luxury, while safely harnessing the striking timepiece’s steady hand to her – keeping her on time, day after dynamic day.

The new Caprice Tiger timepiece is presented as a limited-edition collection of 28 pieces.