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The Tourbillon Watch

A watch-masterpiece in search of a MasterZENO Watch Basel - The Tourbillon Watch

Felix W. Huber designed this unique watchmaking masterpiece to honour company founder, Jules Godat. The Tourbillon watch has a power reserve and retrograde date display. This handmade, numbered and certified limited edition of fifty watches is a modern, technical take on a classic design. Each watch contains a highly intricate, patented limitation mechanism that balances out mechanical positioning errors caused by gravity.

Each movement is hand-decorated and hand-adjusted. The development time for this watch was over 4 years. Four to five months of work go into each piece. The second pinion is attached to the rotating cage at the bottom. The rotating cage rotates around the fixed fourth wheel. At the centre of the rotating cage, the balance wheel rotates precisely around the axis of the fourth wheel. The escapement wheel is driven by this. This means that if the fourth wheel rotates once per minute, the entire tourbillon moves in the same way. Thanks to this, errors of position or gravity are either completely prevented, or balanced out once per minute.

The casing of this unusual timepiece of ZENO Watch Basel is a special, painstakingly produced construction based on state-of-the-art technology. Only around eight of these timepieces are produced per year. The finishing touch is applied to each case by hand. Polishing the surface creates a flawless watch casing that protects the precious mechanical movement of the watch.