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Real watch madnessBASELWORLD 2017: The JACOB & CO. Astronomia Solar

Jacob & Co. sets a new milestone in its representation of the Earth within the solar system with this first-ever reproduction of all eight planets on a dial around a majestic Sun, formed by a citrine displaying the 288 facets of the Jacob Cut®.

The hand-engraved Earth rotates around its axis once every 60 seconds and makes one complete revolution of the dial in 10 minutes, as do the flying tourbillon and the hours and minutes dial, all three forming an assembly. Specially created for the Astronomia Solar, the hand-wound JCAM19 calibre is faster than any of the previous movements in the Astronomia collection, despite its smaller size and new functions. By rotating 360° clockwise in 10 minutes, while the aventurine base turns counter-clockwise at the same speed, it creates a captivating, accelerated view of our solar system and an impression of zero gravity.