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Harry Winston The Avenue Collection™Preview BASELWORLD 2017: The Avenue Classic Cherry Blossom

The House of Harry Winston captures the ephemeral beauty of the cherry blossom tree on the dial of its enchanting Avenue Classic Cherry Blossom Timepiece.

The gorgeous scenery celebrates one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful gifts with diamonds and pink sapphires and is protected for eternity in a case that mirrors the architecture of Harry Winston’s Fifth Avenue Flagship Salon in New York.

Inspired by the beauty of the Japanese Sakura season

Mr. Winston, the legendary New York jeweler, was a close observer of nature and translated the fluid, organic temperament of the natural world into his high jewelry diamond designs. Following in the steps of its founder, Harry Winston designers have once again found inspiration in one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creations: the seasonal blooming of the cherry blossom tree.

In Japan, the blooming of the sakura cherry blossom tree is a cherished cultural event celebrated with flower-viewing festivals known as hanami, which are held under the branches of the cherry trees. In Japanese tradition and philosophy the delicate white and pink flowers of the sakura announce the arrival of spring - representing the renewal of life and optimism - but, because they bloom so briefly, the fallen petals also serve as a reminder of how ephemeral and precious life is.

An eternal bloom

Executed with great artistic sensitivity and flair, the dial of the Avenue Classic Cherry Blossom Timepiece is a delightful recreation of the flowering of the cherry blossom tree. The background is crafted from pale green-blue mother-of-pearl and uses the natural iridescence of the nacre to simulate clouds on a blustery spring day.

A flurry of 39 brilliant-cut white diamonds and 29 brilliant-cut pink sapphires dispersed across the dial represent the flowers and petals of the cherry blossom tree; some of the flowers are still attached to the white gold branches of the tree while others are captured as they float gently to the ground. Cut in different sizes to create a sensation of depth and movement, the precious gemstones ensure that the beauty of the bloom will never fade.

A fitting frame for a work of art

The Avenue Collection has been selected as the perfect frame for this work of art and takes its design cues from Harry Winston’s historic Fifth Avenue Flagship Salon in New York. The elegant architecture of the 18-karat white gold case echoes the stately stone façade of the Fifth Avenue Salon and features the three supporting arches that frame the entrance way on the case at 12 and 6 o’clock. Naturally a timepiece without diamonds would not be a Harry Winston creation and the 18-karat white gold case is set with 29 brilliant-cut diamonds. Other Harry Winston signature codes include the House’s official logo. Placed on the dial at 12 o’clock, the letters HW are housed in an octagonal frame, a shape inspired by Mr. Harry Winston’s favourite diamond cut - the emerald cut.

This miniature masterpiece is presented on a green-blue alligator strap to match the color of the dial and the 18-karat white gold buckle is set with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds. The novelty for the Avenue Collection this year is the incorporation of an 18-karat white gold folding clasp that adapts perfectly to the wrist for enhanced comfort.