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Green , blue or violet?BASELWORLD 2016: The HMX Black Badger by MB&F

A cross between watchmaking traditions and an innovative concept, the, the HMX from MB&F takes on a new guise, created in partnership with designer James Thompson (Black Badger), who specialises in luminescent composites. This limited series of 3 x 18 pieces reprises the HMX's unique display.

Jumping hours and trailing minutes are carried by discs that are positioned flat on top of the movement. They are angled at 90° and enlarged by a double prism and a magnifier. Indications are read from a vertical window, cut in the steel and titanium case. MB&F has souped up the popular casket-shaped driver's watch of the 1970s into a supercar version. The entire movement, designed like an engine, can be seen through the wide sapphire crystal pane in the watch's "hood".

For this version, the engine's rocket covers are cut from blocks of lume, Black Badger's signature material, to illuminate this HMX Black Badger in green, blue or purple.