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Art meets luxuryBASELWORLD 2016: Enfant terrible of the watch industry thrilled with the Cumbere Tourbillon

The new Cumbere Tourbillon is undoubtedly the most avant-garde watch in the entire Swiss watch business. Well-known industry maverick Yvan Arpa, founder of the independent ArtyA brand, unleashes a one-of-a-kind model with a powerful character.

Delicately hand-carved in the exclusive ArtyOr alloy, this Cumbere Tourbillon is shaped like a guitar. The baguette-type movement equipped with a flying tourbillon appears at the centre of an entirely skeleton-worked X-shaped structure. This light-flooded watch thus reveals all the subtle details of its Haute Horlogerie finishes, notably including hand bevelling and artisan-style ageing of the engravings. This one-off piece is the ultimate embodiment of what happens when art meets luxury.