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Ambitious mechanical watchmakingBASELWORLD 2016: AEROWATCH shows Renaissance 7 Time Zones for the first time

The dual-time display is one of the most useful horological complications. It enables its user to keep simultaneous track of the time in two different parts of the world. With the new Renaissance “7 Time Zones” model, Aerowatch offers a unique mechanical watch that complements local time by a display of the time in no less than six cities across the planet.

This in-house developed model is a must-have instrument for men and women who need to keep in frequent touch with the entire world. At a glance and with the help of 24-hour displays, the user can check whether such or such a city is waking up or going to sleep. This daring and highly legible model perfectly embodies the determination manifested by Aerowatch to offer ambitious mechanical watchmaking at affordable prices.