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Protected by three patentsBASELWORLD 2015: Tourbillon of Tourbillons

Often considered the supreme horological complication, the tourbillon remains a constant source of fascination. Antoine Preziuso has made it a speciality and now introduces a stunning composition protected by three patents.

Working with his son Florian, the independent master-watchmaker has placed three tourbillon carriages on a rotating platform and this association endows the watch with unique precision in all wearing positions.

Each of the three tourbillons performs a complete rotation around its axis in one minute, while the entire rotating platform, driven by an original triple planetary differential, requires just 10 minutes to make a complete revolution, with the tourbillons forming a triangle in the centre. A token of ultimate precision, the frequencies of the three regulating organs are attuned to each other by the physical proximity of the tourbillons oscillating at a stable frequency. Limited edition of five for 2015.