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Fredy BarthCarl F. Bucherer

Live for something, or you will die for nothing.Fredy Barth is the new ambassador for Carl F. Bucherer

In 2010, the Swiss racing driver, Fredy Barth, is having his first highly successful season in the World Touring Class Championship (WTCC). He is the perfect example of a man who is able to achieve his dreams and objectives with commitment, discipline and staying power. He shares with Carl F. Bucherer the uncompromising will, to go his own way and realize his dreams. For this reason, Fredy Barth is the new ambassador for the independent watch manufacturer with its head office in Lucerne.

“You’re already much too old anyway, so better to let it drop”, Fredy Barth was faced with such advice when he was 16-years old and going into go-karting. He had saved up for his first go-kart for three years, and worked towards his dream every free minute he had. Right from his early days, Fredy Barth was fascinated by the ambivalence between speed and the inner calm of the driver, just as he was with the relationship between the necessary decision-making speed and the significance of the ensuing action, or the daylong, month-long or even year-long, minutely detailed planning time to achieve an improvement of a few tenths of a second. Experience, ability and knowledge must always interact perfectly and at the right moment. On the basis of this fascination and also rational analysis, Fredy Barth did not allow himself to become discouraged by such empty arguments, which had no logical or factual foundation. And he showed everyone that he was in no way lagging behind his times. 14 years later, in his single-minded and unswerving way, he is fighting at world-class level in the touring car racing against world-class racing drivers and the clock.

Live for something, or you will die for nothing

Naturally, today the 30-year-old still shows the persistence and will to fight of his earlier days, by not wasting a single minute in the pursuit of his goals. “Live for something, or you will die for nothing”, is Barth’s credo – an affirmation that suits him perfectly. At the age of 18, he contracted lymph node cancer, and his fascination with motorsports served to spur him on his way to recovery. From then on, things zoomed ahead. Apart from sporting success, for example winning the Winfield World Challenge in 2000, he passed his school-leaving exams, and in 2005 he founded his own company. Today, he is one of the world’s best racing drivers, a much sought-after instructor in driving events or courses and an ever-popular guest at occasions of all sorts. His charitable commitment is unrivaled, and for many years he has committed himself to the objectives of the “Child and Cancer – Swiss Research Foundation”.

Businessman and Racing driver

So, from the Fredy Barth, who was “too old” for motor racing, emerged a businessman and a racing driver, who in his own way gets involved in many situations. He has shown everybody that he’s not too late, to realize his dreams and objectives, and still enjoys every second of his motor-racing. 2010 is his first year in the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC), and so far this is going very successfully. In almost every event so far, the Swiss has been able to further increase his WC-points tally. Fredy Barth’s fourth place in his first appearance at the Marrakesh races was the best performance by a newcomer.

His will to persistently go his own way, to make his visions come true with passion, and to always stay true to himself, makes him the perfect ambassador for Carl F. Bucherer.