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Gene Cernan

Omega Speedmaster ProfessionalOMEGA ambassador Gene Cernan visits London

Omega kick off their celebrations of the 30th Anniversary of the last man to walk on the moon with the arrival in the UK of the last man to leave his footprints on the surface of the moon in 1972, Captain Eugene Cernan. Omega ambassador Gene Cernan was the second American to walk in space as pilot on Gemini IX and one of a crew of three to venture to the moon on Apollo X. On each of these incredible journeys Gene Cernan wore his Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph which he still relies on today.

During his visit Omega ambassador Gene Cernan took to the streets of London busiest shopping district, Bond Street, on his Omega lunar rover and just managed to avoid getting a parking ticket. Gene Cernan also hosted a gala evening at London Science Museum where he recounted his experiences. This was a particularly appropriate location as it is where the capsule from his Apollo X mission is housed.

The Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph has the unique claim of being the only watch to survive NASA two-year programme of extreme tests to find a chronograph suitable for its astronauts on their space missions. As a result, it was the first second until now the only watch ever to be worn on the moon, when man landed there on 21 July 1969 at 02:56:20 GMT. The Speedmaster Professional Chronograph was also the last watch to be worn on the moon, leaving the Earth natural satellite with the Apollo XVII mission for the last time at 22:54:37 GMT on 14 December 1972. As we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of this historic event, the Speedmaster legend is still going strong, with the commander of the final mission, Capt. Eugene Cernan wearing an Omega Speedmaster to this day!