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Martina Hingis

Martina Hingis in LisbonThe new OMEGA Quadra Chrono collection

On 27 November 2002, the Swiss tennis star Martina Hingis was guest of honour at Boutique dos Relógios, the Portuguese specialist retail chain. To celebrate the chain's 5th anniversary, OMEGA ambassador Martina first unveiled the OMEGA Quadra Chrono collection at the Colombo Shopping Boutique dos Relógios Plus and then joined 3 Portuguese celebrities in a friendly tennis match.

The 22 year-old Swiss player joined the former Portuguese tennis champion Sofia Prazeres, the singer Mico da Camara Pereira and the retired Formula One driver Pedro Lamy in a friendly pairs match held before an audience of special guests. It was the second time that Martina Hingis was in Portugal, after a brief visit in 2000, when she was guest of honour at the Cascais Shopping Boutique dos Relógios opening.