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Miracle of patience and perfectionKALLANIA best High Jewellery watch in Vogue Jewels Awards 2009

The Vogue Jewels Awards 2009 was celebrated in Madrid (Spain). The impressive model Kallania won the prize in the category “Best Jewel Watch”. The prestigious Spanish orchestra’s conductor Inma Shara, international image of Vacheron Constantin, was accompanied by Jean Louis Queimado, Brand Manager of Vacheron Constantin Iberia. This award is recognition to the exquisite work that has inspired the Manufacture’s master craftsmen to create a new world record: 186 emerald-cut diamonds for a total of approximately 170 carats that illuminates this miracle of patience and perfection.

Kallania is a masterpiece and a worthy heir of the renowned Kallista, which celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year. Before it was individually certified by the independent laboratory of the Swiss Gemmological Institute (SSEF), each diamond went through a long and a selection process from among a large number of stones extracted from several million tones of diamantiferous deposit. The exceptional level of purity, colour, cut, finishing and homogeneity is a rare achievement indeed.

More than any other factor, it is the proportions and precise positioning of the thousands of facets that make precious stones so beautiful. Perfectly aligned, the facets have been meticulously polished by experts to achieve a maximum clarity of reflected light. Thanks to their light and delicate finishing, the diamonds reveal all their splendor once they have been inserted using the bead-setting technique; each bead is shaped like an inverted pyramid to lighten the appearance of the piece and highlight its luster and radiance. The assembly, which is carved from white gold, gives shape to the cascade of diamonds which cover it. The perfectly integrated case and bracelet give this distinctive cuff-watch a contemporary air.

By combining traditional savoir-faire with contemporary design, Vacheron Constantin has once again affirmed its values in the 21st century. This house collectors’ piece shows its true worth, the thinnest mechanical movement in the world, the 1003 caliber. Developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin, it is stamped with the prestigious Hallmark of Geneva.