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Vacheron Constantin displays its difference

The pursuit of excellence, openness towards the world, the passing on of know-how and the sharing of passion… In an age characterised by a frenzied pace, the relentless pursuit of productivity and a constant concern for profitability, Vacheron Constantin – under the impetus of its CEO Juan-Carlos Torres – is turning its attention to the moral heritage bequeathed by its founders in an exhibition built around its five fundamental values. Artist Silvana Solivella offers visitors discovering the exhibition entitled Le Temps Miroitant, staged in the Manufacture Vacheron Constantin in Geneva from September 24th to October 18th 2007, a unique and striking opportunity to enter into the very heart of her creative approach.
Through a set of works interpreting the themes of time and movement, of heritage and of transmission or passing on, the exhibition enters into a direct relationship with the watchmaking universe that is welcoming it within its walls. Conceived so as to highlight each of the five values, this fascinatingly varied presentation – associating various forms of artistic expression such as painting, photography, video, literature and sound – features over twenty works enabling observers to see and comprehend the creative life force that has been nurtured for over 250 years by the Manufacture.
Le Temps Miroitant is a project presented by Vacheron Constantin within the framework of its programme dedicated to the discovery and promotion of artistic talents.