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M. Platini, J.-C. Biver

HUBLOT: The leading luxary brand in the EURO 2008

Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Hublot watches, in the presence of UEFA President Michel Platini, and Swiss Football Association President Ralph Zloczower, today announced the watchmaking brand’s sponsorship of the Euro 2008 as a ‘National Supporter’. Having already graced the wrist of the Swiss Football team in the World Cup 2006, Hublot is now heading for the Swiss and Austrian stadiums in 2008. A pioneering move for a luxury brand in the world of football!

Hublot is familiar with the football world, having already been involved with the Swiss team in the World Cup 2006. Delighted, and above all proud, to be taking part in this new and unusual experience for a watchmaking brand, Jean-Claude Biver was keen to reforge the link between the history of Hublot and the fields of Europe, particularly given that the matches are to be held on Swiss ground. Such a local opportunity comes but rarely! The connection between the workshop’s birthplace and the Euro matches seemed so natural that Jean-Claude Biver was quick to volunteer to kick off the new partnership. And who other than one of the jewels in the Swiss industrial crown supporting the event - a watchmaking brand - could stake a better claim to the title of ‘Official Timekeeper’?

Hublot is accustomed to breaking new ground and setting foot where no other has trod before… As a high-end watchmaking brand, Hublot was anxious to explore a whole new universe for a luxury brand. Setting the ‘trend’ of a luxury partnership in this environment is just the kind of unusual approach that typifies Jean-Claude Biver. Very much the avant-garde visionary, Biver likes to challenge the established and the predictable, and take risks that can only open up new horizons!

During the press conference held at UEFA, Mr. Biver declared that: ‘It’s absolutely vital for a traditional Swiss industry to support such a sporting event co-organised by Switzerland and Austria! I’m delighted that Hublot is to be the sponsor. It will pave the way for luxury brands onto the football pitch by becoming ‘Official Timekeeper’ for UEFA EURO 2008™’.

Philippe Margraff, COO of UEFA Marketing and Media Management also announced: "We were convinced that Swiss watchmaking had a legitimate place in the EURO programme, which is a tremendous showcase for Swiss know-how as a whole. We are very happy to welcome the prestigious Hublot brand as official timekeeper and watch for UEFA EURO 2008™."

Football matches are watched and followed by all social and cultural sections of the population. Everyone’s eyes will be upon the Swiss and Austrian stadiums next summer. The sport of football generates an interest that is capable of freezing time. It brings people, families, work colleagues together and unites them behind their favourite team. Hublot, the atypical watchmaking brand, is happy to be part of such events for the human, sporting and traditional values that they share. The brand is certainly the focus of attention with its Big Bang watch collection. It not only stands for the Swiss watchmaking tradition and all the precision and meticulousness that goes with it, but also for innovative research in the field of technology and the development of avant-garde design. An exclusive ‘Euro 2008’ model will be produced in a limited edition and available as of April 2008.